DNA Miracles Spotlight: OPC-3 for Your Little Miracles

DNA Miracles is a specialty line of high-quality natural body care and wellness products designed for babies and children of all ages. Formulated with the best natural ingredients, each product is gentle and easy-to-use. Moms, dads, and pediatricians understand how difficult it is to ensure their children get the nutrients they need. Antioxidants are just as essential for children as they are for adults. DNA Miracles offers OPC 3 in two different forms- DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 and DNA Miracles OPC-3 Chews. Read on to learn more about OPC-3 in DNA Miracles.  

DNA Miracles™ Isotonix® OPC-3


Our DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 supports your little miracles heart health using amazing ingredients, including the highly-researched, clinically-studied plant extract Pycnogenol, which provides a strong antioxidant defense specifically designed for your child’s body. DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 supports your child’s heart health using amazing ingredients, including the highly-researched, clinically-studied plant extract Pycnogenol®. Like all Isotonix supplements, DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 uses the Isotonix Delivery System – delivering the product’s nutrients fast and effectively, maximizing results that can be felt quickly.

DNA Miracles™  OPC-3 Chews


This powerful antioxidant has been shown to support your children’s health in numerous ways, including supporting your child’s heart health. DNA Miracles OPC-3 Chews provide a strong antioxidant defense for every cell in your child’s body, contributing to the maintenance of brain health and circulation. DNA Miracles OPC3 Chews support your little miracles Immune system to enable them to better cope with environmental & seasonal allergies! Even the pickiest of eaters can’t resist the delicious flavor of the chews!


Which form of DNA Miracles OPC 3 does is your child’s favorite? Comment below and share your thoughts, photos and testimonials with us! 


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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

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