Do Men REALLY Need Skincare?

We’ve always believed that men need skincare too. Why? Their skin is much thicker and probably needs double the protection and moisture that women need. A decade ago, you wouldn’t expect men’s skincare to be existent however, the skincare industry has absolutely boomed – for men and women. The market is changing and men’s skincare is expected to leap to $18.92 billion by the year 2027.

Having a basic skincare routine is important for everyone and who doesn’t want clear, smoother skin? Every skincare concern that women have, men have too. Let’s focus on the men today and figure out what best products you can use for your skin.

Move Past the Beard

For years and years, men have been catering to their beard more than anything when it comes to grooming. It’s now time to focus on the skin as well. Caring for your skin is crucial for everybody, not only does it keep your skin looking good, it also maintains your skin’s health. Sure caring for your beard is important however, now is the time to pay attention to the rest of your face! Start off with a 3 step simple skincare routine that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Skincare for Men

3 Step Skincare Routine

For someone who has never really looked into skincare before, 3 steps may seem daunting. It can definitely take up more of your time than you’d prefer however, the products and routine we are about to recommend are ones that can be done in under 5 minutes!

LDV Hommes Cleansing Gel/Exfoliating Face Scrub

The first step is some sort of cleaning product. You need to start off by cleansing your skin with a good quality product that’s gentle enough on your skin but potent enough to remove excess oils and dirt. Try and avoid cleansing your face in the shower as direct, hot water on your face can be quite harsh on the skin (unless you shower in cool/luke-warm water). The LDV Hommes Cleansing Gel is a great product for everyday use and helps awaken the skin! The LDV Hommes Exfoliating Face Scrub is a great alternative once a week if you feel you need a deeper cleanse.

LDV Hommes Refreshing Toner Pads

The LDV Hommes Refreshing Toner Pads are probably the most convenient product for a busy person who doesn’t have much time for skincare. The toner pads can help exfoliate and moisturise at the same time and literally takes seconds. If you’re too busy in the morning, take a toner pad and give your skin a quick swipe before applying moisturiser.

LDV Hommes Hydrating Aloe Cream

A moisturiser is the final step in this simple 3 step skincare routine. It’s both important and necessary. If you can’t afford the time for the first two steps, definitely don’t forget this final step. Skin that is often neglected can get extremely dry and itchy. The LDV Hommes Hydrating Aloe Cream can really help draw in and seal moisture for daily hydration.

Sophia Lepir

Sophia Lepir


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