Don’t Miss Out On The Many Benefits Of #MAIC2021 

We’ve reached August, which means we’re just a few short weeks away from the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2021 International Convention #MAIC2021. If you don’t have your tickets, what are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets now. 

It’s the first-ever hybrid major event in the company’s history, offering you the ability to attend in person at the Greensboro Coliseum and/or online from anywhere around the world via Swapcard.

With tickets, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to the following event experiences, opportunities, education, and more that can benefit you and your UnFranchise® Business.

Get Tickets  

Gifts and a Golden Opportunity 

Before #MAIC2021, all ticket holders will receive a Special Commemorative Package containing an event T-shirt featuring its theme ‘The Next Chapter’, multiple emoji sticks to participate with during the event, a company-branded face mask, a company-branded resistance/exercise band, and more.  

There’s a chance that your package may also include a valuable Golden Ticket. Golden Tickets will be placed in packages at random. If you find a Golden Ticket inside your package, then you will be eligible to receive a $3,000 USD or equivalent credit on your account to use towards purchasing products, etc., VIP Access for you and one guest during #MAIC2021 (VIP seating and a catered breakfast and lunch), and three tickets to #MAWC2022 (plus the event’s ticket promo if one is offered). The only way to receive a Special Commemorative Package, and possibly find a valuable Golden Ticket inside, is to purchase #MAIC2021 tickets.

Special UBP with JR and Andrew 

Before #MAIC2021, all ticket holders and their prospects can attend a Special UnFranchise Business Presentation (UBP) hosted by Founder, Chairman & CEO JR Ridinger, and Vice President Andrew Weissman on Wednesday, August 25 at 7 p.m. EDT at the Greensboro Coliseum. If you cannot attend in person, it will also be available online in both English and Mandarin.  

Join JR and Andrew to provide your prospects with an impactful introduction to Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM and the UnFranchise Business before the International Convention. It’s a perfect way to expose them to the company’s exclusive products, technologies, and business model using the evaluation approach to determine if they qualify for the business and lead to the right people.  


Before #MAIC2021, all ticket holders will receive an email with a link to get set up and started with Swapcard. With this successful online event and community platform, you’ll have convenient on-the-go access to the #MAIC2021 event community before, during, and after the event. Swapcard streamlines the event process by helping you plan, stay organized, and informed so you can optimize your time and maximize your experience.  

You’ll be able to register for online sessions, visit Virtual Booths, communicate with fellow attendees, create contacts, watch video replays for up to 14 days after the event, and more. All sessions will be available in both English and Mandarin. Our first ever Online World Conference in March was delivered with Swapcard, and it was widely regarded as an impactful, interactive experience. Swapcard is back to help make #MAIC2021 a historic hybrid International Convention

People Power and Networking Opportunities 

Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM is Built on Product. Powered by People. At #MAIC2021, ‘People Power’ will be on full display as you’ll be able to see, feel and hear the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm at the Greensboro Coliseum, as well as around the world from thousands attending online. 

No matter how you attend, you’ll be able to experience the camaraderie, guidance, and support offered by the UnFranchise Community. We encourage you to participate, interact and take advantage of your opportunities to network.

Powerful Presentations  

We’ve taken the stage designs to a whole new level and have a lineup of powerful presentations for you from the Corporate Team, field leaders, successful UnFranchise Owners, and special guests. 

JR Ridinger (Founder, Chairman & CEO), Loren Ridinger (Co-Founder & Senior Executive Vice President), and many others will share their expertise and provide you with business-building training, insight, and inspiration that you can apply in your entrepreneurial journey.   

Groundbreaking Announcements and Introductions 

Be the first to know about the new products, tools, and technologies announced during the event.  

You’ll get the first look when Marc Ashley (President & COO of Market America), Steve Ashley (President & COO of SHOP.COM), and others introduce gamechangers that can help you grow your UnFranchise Business. 

Enhanced Booths  

The concourse area at the Greensboro Coliseum will feature a fresh new layout and completely redesigned booths such as Motives®, Lumiere de Vie®, Layered, Ticket Sales, and many others for an enhanced experience. 

Visit these booths and/or the Virtual Booths available via Swapcard to learn more about the company’s various divisions, exclusive products, and services. You can engage with representatives, ask questions, obtain helpful resources, and more. 

Saturday Night Celebration  

Take part in an epic Saturday Night Celebration, the first-ever in the history of the company. There will be special recognition and awards PLUS live entertainment featuring Fat Joe and other special guests.  

Together we’ll celebrate our success and begin ‘The Next Chapter’ of our entrepreneurial journey. 

Special Surprises and Magic Moments 

We can’t wait for you to see the exciting surprises we’ve planned that will help make this an unforgettable event. You may even experience that Magic Moment that can have a positive impact on your future.  

The benefits of International Convention will aid in your entrepreneurial journey toward success. Don’t miss out on this historic event! Get your tickets today!

Countdown to #MAIC2021: 

Five Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Jim Winkler, Chele Boe, and Trina White 

Six Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Kevin Buckman, Frank Chang, and Wendy Huang 

Seven Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Andrew Weissman, Cullen Haskins, and Pip and Beth Black 

Eight Weeks to #MAIC2021 with Andrew Chee, Benson Chen, and Ke Zhu 

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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