Earn Your Time Aboard Utopia IV

We are taking the Chairman’s Challenge recognition to a new level

At the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Leadership School 2023, the company will recognize the Chairman’s Challenge winners during a special Chairman’s Reception with the Corporate Team on the evening of Saturday, March 4*, aboard Utopia IV and/or at the Ridinger’s Miami penthouse.

Rise to the Challenge: Be the one to lead the way!

One of the most prestigious awards an individual can earn as an UnFranchise® Owner is to become a Chairman’s Challenge winner.

The Chairman’s Challenge was very important to Founder JR Ridinger, as he was a firm believer in leadership by example. He would always pay attention to the winners of the Chairman’s Challenge, as it identifies those UnFranchise Owners who are taking action by implementing the result-producing activities.

The Chairman’s Challenge is a measurement of an UnFranchise Owner’s commitment to themselves and their business. Ultimately, by striving to achieve the Chairman’s Challenge, an UnFranchise Owner is closer to achieving their personal and financial goals.

Becoming a Chairman’s Challenge winner is the perfect way to inspire your team and fellow UnFranchise Owners. You have to succeed so other people can realize their dreams — and in so doing your own dreams come true.

You may find that you are already making progress toward achieving the 2023 Chairman’s Challenge criteria. There is still time to become a Chairman’s Challenge winner if you set your plan and take action.

Click here to review the Chairman’s Challenge criteria. Remember, one of the criteria is to purchase seven tickets to #MALS2023. Get your tickets while they are still available.

If you have questions about the Chairman’s Challenge, consult your senior partner or you can email chmnchallenge@marketamerica.com.

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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