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Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Blog

So you want to start a blog? Thank goodness that starting a blog is super easy, what you want to name it, can be the trickiest part. The steps below are very basic and will serve as guidance for what to look for, and what to really emphasize on when you’re starting a new blog and new to the blogging world.

Working at home with laptop woman writing a blog. Female hands on the keyboard.

  • Choose what platform you want to use for your blog.

There are multiple platforms to host your blog on such as, Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.. What it comes down to is preference. What type of dashboard you like, template options, etc. This is something that one may have to do some exploring on YouTube to see the different screenshots available. After you choose a platform, don’t feel like you’re stuck forever. You can always change it.

  • Start Basic.

When it comes to the “look” of your blog, try not to spend so much money (if any at all) on a template. Most blog sites have a plethora of free options for you to choose from that are actually really nice. After you choose the template you want, simply make it love on your blog and you’ve got your own personalized look that quick!

  • Narrow down what you want to blog about.

This can be tough because we may want to talk about several things, but we first need to become experts in the areas we intend to write about. Learn and explore more about the topic you want to blog about. If you are a beauty blogger naturally you want to make sure to dive into the beauty world and be the go to person that your readers come to for beauty. Same goes for all other topics.

  • Link all of your social media handles from SnapChat to Instagram, put it all out there.

You want to make sure that your readers can get to know you in different lights. For example, Instagram is what your life looks like, life through the eyes of YOU. Of course, each social media platform has a reason to be followed. Be sure to always link any other platforms so that your readers can follow you there as well.

Blog Blogging Homepage Social Media Network Concept
Once you decide to go live on your blog, have fun with it and make sure to always stay true to who you are and what you represent. What I like to say to fellow UFO’s is that you’ve got so much to talk about already. You’re an entrepreneur, you own a life changing online business, and you shop online to maximize your shopping annuity!

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