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Super Last-Minute Gift Ideas: eGift Cards

Here’s the scenario. It’s Christmas Eve. You thought you bought all of your gifts. But, you soon realize that you’re missing one gift. It’s too late to go shopping and you need a gift within minutes. What should you do? A good option is eGift Cards.

eGift Cards are the perfect option for super last-minute gifts. UnFranchise Owners and customers can choose from hundreds of Partner Stores that offer eGift Cards. Domino’s, AMC Theaters, Uber, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Adidas are just a few of the stores that offer eGift Cards. Consumers can even buy SHOP.COM eGift Cards!

The process is simple. Pick out the store you’d like to buy an eGift Card and choose the value (ranges from $5-$100, depending on the store). Once you click on the eGift, you can upload an optional video message that the recipient will see upon delivery. Send your eGift when you are ready. That’s all it takes!

The eGift Card and announcement are sent via email and will normally arrive within minutes of you completing the checkout process. If you wish, you can instead have the email announcement sent on a particular day (up to seven days from the day you fill out your eGift announcement.

UnFranchise Owners can purchase eGift Cards from while customers can these same cards on SHOP.COM. Plus, IBV and Cashback will be available to UFOs and customers, respectively.

Have a great holiday!

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