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eGifts: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Last Minute Shoppers

After a few long and strenuous weeks of planning and shopping, the holiday season is hitting the final stretch. With just about a week away until the holidays, it’s time to get down to business and make sure that all of the gifts you ordered have arrived and are ready to go.


If you are one of our UFOs that have completed all of your holiday shopping, congrats on a job well done! That being said, this post is directed to all of the procrastinators out there who still need to do some more shopping before time runs out.

Now, you can run out to your local mall or outlets and purchase the remaining gifts that you need. However, you run the risk of waiting on long lines and stores selling out of the products you need so frankly, the added stress levels might not be worth it. There’s also the option of contuining to online shop on SHOP.COM in order to feed your Shopping Annuity. This is another good option, but with the holiday season coming to a close, your favorite stores might have stopped online shipping so make sure to check out our Last Day Shipping Page.

The Shopping Annuity Team wanted to make our UFO’s lives a little easier this week and give them a quick-fix and easy holiday idea. The answer is eGifts. eGifts are online gifts for anyone and anytime that can be bought and sent with the click of the button. By using eGifts, you can personally select from millions of products from Market America brands and SHOP.COM’s OneCart Stores®. By following these four simple steps, you’ll have an excellent holiday present within minutes.

  1. When browsing for a gift, select OneCart Stores® from your search results page and choose the gift you want.
  2. When viewing the item, simply click: SHOP.COM eGifts Add eGift icon to add it to your eGift.
  3. Then sign in to your account, click on the eGifts link, and send your eGift when youre ready! Its that simple!
  4. We send the gift recipient an email announcing the eGift, with your personal message and a link to the gifts page. The recipient tells us where to deliver the gift and its soon on its way.

For more information on eGifts, go to

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