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Essential Products for a Healthy Mind

The human brain is a powerful thing. It houses our memories. controls how we think and feel, and keeps us focused while we juggle tasks throughout the day! Just like any other part of our body, a sharp and healthy mind requires constant maintenance – especially as we age. So, to help keep you and your brain feeling amazing, check out these 3 essential products for a healthy mind!

What Is a Healthy Mind?

A healthy mind essentially refers to brain health. According to the CDC, “a healthy brain is one that can perform all the mental processes that are collectively known as cognition, including the ability to learn new things, intuition, judgment, language, and remembering.” Just like so many other systems and functions of the body, maintaining a healthy mind requires a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals.*

While we typically place emphasis on maintaining cognitive health as we age, we have to remember that a healthy mind is important for everyone at every age!

There are also many factors that impact cognitive health, and many of them lie outside of our control – but, ensuring a healthy intake lies completely in your hands! Our memory, mental clarity, reactions to stress, and mood are all things that are impacted by the types and quantity of nutrients we’re taking in.

A balanced diet is thought to promote normal cognitive health, but we can’t always get every single nutrient in the perfect amounts. We’re only human! So, to ensure optimal brain health with these 3 essential products for a healthy mind!

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Essentials for a Healthy Mind

vitamind® Mind Enhancement Formula

What It Does: Vitamind® is a safe and natural means to help support cognitive function, energy levels, and healthy brain tissue. It contains a special blend of ingredients which have been shown to support brain health, function and efficiency.

How to Sell It: When you have customers looking for health and nutrition products, they’re looking for something to help keep their brain in good shape, too. Highlight how a healthy body creates a healthier environment for the mind, and this allows the brain to be more alert with greater mental acuity. Incorporating Vitamind® into a healthy diet and exercise routine can help them achieve the cognitive function and overall brain health they want without stimulants!

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Prime™ Cognitin Memory Support Formula

What It Does: As we go through our busy days as entrepreneurs, we have so much to think about and remember! Unfortunately, our ability to retain those abilities declines as we age and simple things like names or appointments completely slip our minds.  Prime™ Cognitin is specially designed to combat those effects by helping to maintain healthy blood circulation within the brain.  This proper blood flow improves brain health which can enhance memory, assisting you (and your customers!) in keeping your mind from getting overwhelmed or cloudy. *

How to Sell It: How much do your customers spend on anti-aging products for their skin? Even they might be surprised by that number, and they’ll be more surprised when you explain how important anti-aging is for your brain as well! Highlight that Prime™ Cognitin has a select ingredient combination designed to enhance memory and inhibit oxidative stress to the brain.

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Prime Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix®

What It Does: Prime® Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix® is a powerful formula that specifically addresses the select needs of mature adults. Formulated with huperzine A to improve and enhance memory and cognitive function and branched chain amino acids to promote muscle retention, this product is specifically designed to address specific needs of aging adults, such as joint comfort, muscle retention and use, and cognitive health.*

How to Sell It: While other products might focus on a particular area of aging, Prime® Ultimate Longevity Formula by Isotonix® does it all! It is designed for the aging adult who wants to maintain both an alert mind and active body over their lifetime, and this makes it perfect for everyone from young athletes to mature adults. Don’t forget to highlight the amazing Isotonix® delivery system as well!

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Which products are your favorites for ensuring a healthy mind?
Tell us in the comments below!

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn