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Essentials for Beginning Your Wellness Journey

With the Holiday season behind us, it’s time to focus on our health and wellness goals for 2021. 28 days of health inspired us to not only try new products but to expand our vision and understanding of how to truly encompass and experience wellness. From setting a nighttime routine, ensuring we are drinking enough water, practicing self care, customizing supplementation and so much more, its evident that wellness is not a one size fits all approach. If one of your health goals in 2021 is to incorporate supplementation into your routine, we have a good jumping off point for you.


Isotonix Essentials® were designed to provide daily nutrients and antioxidant support. Each formulated with a custom blend of minerals, vitamins and amino acids to support optimal health.


Isotonix Daily Essentials: Four customer favorites in one packet, it’s no wonder why Daily Essentials is such a popular product. Formulated with OPC-3,  Isotonix Multivitamin, Isotonix Activated B-Complex and Isotonix Calcium Plus, this daily packet provides antioxidant support, total nutrition, a B-vitamin boost and supports strong bones, healthy teeth and gums. Cover all your bases with one convenient stick pack.

Isotonix Essentials Women’s Health: Specifically formulated with women’s needs in mind, Essentials Women’s Health supports healthy skin, cardiovascular health, antioxidant protection and much more. This custom blend also highlights the necessary nutrients to support collagen production, strong nails and hair in addition to Magnesium (Glycinate), which makes this bioavailable and supportive of cognitive health.

Isotonix Essentials Turn Up: Daily boost found with Isotonix Turn Up. Not only does this blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids support those afternoon slumps, it also provides antioxidant support and cognitive support. Say goodbye to those sugary energy-boosters and hello to Turn Up in 2021.

Isotonix Essentials Turn Down: Looking for a sense of calm in the New Year? Isotonix Turn Down needs a spot on your countertop. This custom blend contains key ingredients to help quiet down your body, support mental clarity, mental tension and a healthy sleep quality. Plus, provides antioxidant support just like all of our Essentials® products. If support and relaxation is on your to-do list, this should be added to your shopping list.

Isotonix Essentials Anti-Aging: We’re all aging, why not age gracefully? Because bodies tend to become less efficient at absorbing essential nutrients, it’s essential that we pay special attention to providing our bodies with the most beneficial minerals and nutrients. Isotonix Anti-Aging features a dynamic blend of antioxidants, botanicals and minerals to support daily nutrient intake as well as cognitive and muscle support.


Ready to take on 2021 with our Isotonix Essentials® line-up? Read more about what customers are saying about these products. Different health goals? Visit the health guides on the left-hand side on



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard

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