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Family Game Night Essentials

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our world as we know it. What does this mean? We need to – we are staying home during the quarantine! In order to keep you – and your family – sane, grab some game night essentials.



Since we are supposed to be staying indoors, here are a few of our favorite indoor games that we keep on hand for game night essentials.

Video Games

What kid doesn’t love video games? Also, what adult hasn’t played video games as a kid or with their children now? We’re guilty too, no judgement here! While we don’t like our kids getting lost in video games, there are some educational games out there – plus it’s great bonding time!

Board Games

Board games may fit into the game night essentials category since they don’t involve TV’s. Since many families had vacations planned around this time of the year, you can make board games more exciting by letting the winner choose the next vacation destination. Well, maybe have a list to choose from!


Card Games

Your children may not be as excited as card games as you are, but we all know that there are some to suit everyone in the household. So, you can try teaching your kids some traditional card games like Gin, Solitaire or Poker, but depending on their age you may want to try these:



Personally, puzzles are game night essentials to us. (yes we are adults!) Not only can y0u create beautiful pieces, which you can glue and use as art, but puzzles are great to learn organizational and patience skills. In addition, why not keep your little ones on their toes? Solving a puzzle together is fun and you can enhance their teamwork abilities as well.



Luckily, (most) of us are able to work from home, but keeping the kiddos entertained is a whole other story. Please share with us what you adding to your game night essentials during this time. Sharing is caring!

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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