FAQ: All You Need to Know About Hurdlr

Last month, we hosted a Q&A session on our Instagram Stories with Ashleigh Rockwell, Head of Customer Success & Partnerships at Hurdlr. The questions were submitted by UnFranchise Owners, just like yourself and we found them to be so helpful that we wanted to put all of the Q&A in one easy to find place for you to reference. Continue reading to learn more about the Hurdlr program, the many benefits, and review FAQs.

As UnFranchise® Business Owners, it’s important to monitor and keep track of our expenses. In fact, the average small-business owner leaves roughly US$3,000 each year on the table, simply because they did not track, monitor and submit expenses they are entitled to write off of their taxable income. To ensure UFOs don’t leave money on the table, Market America has partnered with Hurdlr. This incredible service is FREE for UFMS subscribers! If you’re unfamiliar with Hurdlr, click HERE for an in-depth look at the many benefits and uses of this program.


How do I enter part of my ma order as business & the other part personal when my total order $ amount shows up in Hurdlr from my linked bank account?

Hurdlr has a split feature, which allows you to split expenses between both business and personal categories. Just tap on the expense, then toggle on the split button, and you’ll be able to designate which portion is a business expense and which portion is a personal expense. 


If I have my UFMS on autoship, how do I sign up for this?

(I think this is the same as how they sign up, which we already have and answer for)


How safe/secure is Hurdlr? 

Hurdlr is very secure. All data is 256-bit SSL encrypted (this is the same level of encryption used by banks).


Is Hurdlr an app?

Hurdlr offers both a mobile app and web app. Your account syncs cross platform, so you can use Hurdlr on all of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, etc)


Can I track my mileage? 

Yes, Hurdlr will automatically record your mileage when you start driving and stop once you stop driving. Then all you need to do is tag whether it was a business drive or a personal drive. 


Can I set locations like my home or office?

Yes you can. With Hurdlr’s Favorite Locations feature, you can name addresses that you visit often such as your Home, Client Site, or Grocery store and be able to easily identify those trips as business or personal.


Are there any tutorials or articles that can help me with Hurdlr?

Yes, we have a Help Center which contains video tutorials and detailed answers to FAQs. You can access our Help Center here: https://university.hurdlr.com/en/ 


How can I use the data I track in Hurdlr?

You can export reports of all of the data you track in Hurdlr to help you with your taxes. Our Tax Details and Schedule C reports provide you with everything you need to file your taxes for your business. 


Can my spouse and I share an account?

If you and your spouse run your business together, you can share a Hurdlr account. You would both log in with the same credentials on your respective devices, and you will both be able to track all of your data. 


Can I track my time in Hurdlr?

Yes, if you’d like to track the time you’re spending on different business related tasks, you can do so with Hurdlr’s Time & Tasks feature. 


Can I add my receipts in Hurdlr?

Yes, you have the ability to attach receipts to any expenses you track in Hurdlr. These receipts will remain stored in your account and can be accessed via the app or your reports at any time. No more shoeboxes full of receipts! 


What reports can I access with Hurdlr?

Hurdlr has a wide variety of reports that you can export from your account including mileage reports, expense reports, income reports, tax reports, Profit & Loss report, Schedule C report, and more.


Can I use Hurdlr to track other businesses or side hustles?

Hurdlr allows you to track multiple businesses, so if you have another business or side hustle in addition to Market America, you can track all of your businesses in one account.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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