Feed your taste buds this Conference in Miami with SHOP Local

For this week’s Cooking with the Shopping Annuity blog, we encourage you to plan ahead and take full advantage of our new SHOP Local program during Market America’s World Conference in Miami. Choose from an array of delicious cuisine from Brazilian to Seafood, Italian, Peruvian or Greek, the variety is endless. SHOP Local not only offers local hotspots that will feed your taste buds but also earn you Cashback and IBV and fund your Shopping Annuity.

The SHOP Local program allows local businesses to become SHOP.COM partners, enabling SHOP.COM customers to earn Cashback with every purchase made at those stores. Setting up your SHOP Local account is easy! Members simply link their VISA/MC/AMEX cards to the SHOP.COM network and use them at participating businesses to instantly earn and be notified of earning Cashback.

Here’s a video to help you set it up:

As you make your dining plans during #MAWC2017, choose from this delicious selection of SHOP Local merchants nearby to support the SHOP Local program and earn Cashback and IBV!


All of the merchants listed above are a short distance from the #MAWC2017 host hotel and American Airlines Arena. Don’t forget to use the card you have linked to the SHOP Local program, and to check out SHOP Local within the SHOP.COM mobile app.

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