Fill Their Easter Basket with BV/IBV

Easter is less than a month away – there’s plenty of time to fill their baskets with items your kids will love. Make it a win-win Easter this year by filling their baskets with BV and IBV!

Fill your kids’ Easter baskets with their favorite Market America Products and choose from tons of options from our Partner Stores. Don’t forget to head over to the All Stores page on UnFranchise to shop from your favorite Partner Stores! Instead of filling up on ALL candy, give them a variety in their baskets.

Easter Ideas to Earn BV/IBV

Easter Sweets: a must for anyone, no matter the age

eGift Card: the one size fits all gift

Ultimate Aloe: help digest all the candy!


Motives High Gloss

Lumière de Vie® Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

Lumière de Vie® Lumi-Sticks 

Royal Spa® Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel

Piece from Layered

Lumière de Vie® Hommes Skincare Value Kit

Isotonix Essentials® Turn Up


When talking to customers about how to get the most Cashback this Easter, be sure to recommend a few items to get them started. We wish you all a basket full of BV/IBV and Cashback this year! What are your childrens’ must-have Market America products?

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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