Finding Balance In The Spring Of 2022

With the turn of the season, many of us are facing those annual challenges of finding balance in our lives. Especially being our own bosses, entrepreneurs often fluctuate between overworking ourselves and struggling to find motivation. Read more for some insight on how to manage finding balance.

Overbooking Your Schedule vs. Taking Time for Yourself

finding balance

Whether it’s a literal agenda or a mental one, take a look at this week’s plans. How many days out of the week are you accomplishing something productive? How many days are you planning on exercising? Have you included at least one day to complete a milestone? And finally, have you left aside at least one morning, afternoon, or evening entirely for your mental wellness?

As the springtime creeps upon us, it is natural for our energy levels to increase with the warmth. This may incite you to book activities every day, every evening, but make sure to pace yourself each week so as to not burn yourself out.

It is natural for our energy levels to increase with the warmth.

Make sure to pace yourself each week so as to not burn yourself out.

On the other hand, those of you who’ve been rolling through each week, tackling each task, and are just now fizzling out of fumes: don’t come to a jarring halt. We have a tendency to let the flows take us all the way up, and then all the way down. If you’ve been expending yourself constantly for days or weeks, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break. Cancel your plans for the day, take a weekend vacation, or treat yourself with a gift or a nice dinner.

However, don’t make those indulgences a habit: make sure you get back onto your feet within a certain time frame. Set a deadline for when you’ll complete your time of recuperation. It’s easy to run out of energy and find yourself complacent for longer than needed. Don’t lose sight of your goals!

Entrepreneurial Exploration vs. Narrowing Your Major

Especially as a new UFO, the endless options and opportunities for you are exciting and perhaps overwhelming. There are so many different ways to market yourself and your business, educational events every week, successful UnFranchise Owners to take inspiration from, and products to learn about and begin to retail.

Take your time exploring your entrepreneurship. Buy and test the products you’re most interested in, but give a chance to products you’re less interested in as well.

When you’re ready, begin to study more and more of the majors you’re most interested in. Market America University has endless resources for your particular retailing endeavors, be it for beauty products, health and nutrition products, and more.

Once you’ve decided on your major, focus on that major first. Later on, when you’ve developed your partnerships and business development centers, you’ll be able to establish numerous business structures that retail all kinds of products. Until you’re confident you can manage all those areas at once, though, stick to the products you work with best.


Having a Positive Mindset vs. Validating Others’ Experiences

finding balance

We all experience up’s and down’s, and we all develop coping mechanisms to keep ourselves moving forward. As UnFranchise Owners, we trust in our products and are extremely excited to market them and the business. Having this quality is great and useful! Definitely hold onto your positive mindset as you progress through your business building.

The only catch is that not all of your consumers, and not all people in general, will be riding that positive mindset wave with you. In fact, it is often the people struggling the most who will be most likely to give your products a try – that is, if you know how to support them. People who are currently in dark places are the exact people who will most benefit from our empowering, healthy, and energizing products.

Although this sounds contradictory, be wary of how your positive attitude may impact those people. If, right off the bat, all you say to someone who feels alone and unmotivated is to “believe in themselves,” and to “just go for it,” they may feel attacked or misunderstood for their lack of initiative.

Utilizing the Evaluation Approach, identify the person who may be in a mental place like this. Begin, then, with validating their experiences – after all, we have all found ourselves with life circumstances that render us self-degrading and stagnant.

This may be the greatest challenge in finding balance as an entrepreneur. It is a skill to be able to say, “I understand that your work and family issues have caused you to eat unhealthy foods and stop exercising,” and in the same conversation also say, “You are responsible for your own success.”

Finding Balance in the Spring

In other words – find your flow, pick your priorities, and ascertain your approach. Finding balance in those skillset areas will guarantee your path towards success as an UnFranchise Owner this spring.

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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