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Finding Your Niche – Developing Your Voice as a Blogger

It can get so exciting yet distracting when you’ve decided to embark on your blogging journey. A great way to ensure that your content is focused driven and not “all over the place” is to develop your voice as a blogger and have a niche in the content you create. Having a niche makes you unique in the blogging world because that is essentially the thing you are known for.

What is a niche?

In terms of content and blogging, having a niche is having a very specific area of concentration that is unique to you. Developing that is very important. For example, let’s say you are a food blogger, simply making that statement is very broad, adding some very specific details will draw people to you. When you know your niche, you are now a food blogger that creates content inspired by veganism and is inspired by stay at home moms that want to make healthy meals for their families. Do you see how specific that is? That is a niche and what I like to call a target audience. When you’re a UFO that loves to blog, the best thing to do is incorporate company exclusive products into your content. This allows for a unique voice and your perspective of your products and business.

How Do You Develop a Niche?

You begin to look at your content and start to see a pattern in who is reading your posts and those that are following you on your social media. What do they like to hear from you. How do you help them best. These are the things you look for because at the end of the day, your blog is there to serve those that read it. It may be in many different capacities but it is there to serve others. Looking back at highly performing posts and seeing what did well and received lots of interaction is in your best interest. Become the expert online shopper they need so that they find the latest in discounts and savings.

Your Voice as a Blogger.

Always stay true to what your message and voice is. Be sure to maintain a genuine message across the board so that those that look forward to your blog posts can always expect the same great content.

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