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Five Tips for Building a Winning Team

When I was in college I rowed on a crew team. Interestingly enough, rowing crew is a sport that not only requires an incredible ability to power through tough times (like 4 a.m. practice), but additionally is the ultimate test of teamwork. If one team member has an off day (or even an off moment), everything is thrown off balance.

Sometimes, in my career, I think back to my days of rowing crew and I am reminded of the moments when I rowed on a team that totally jived. Being part of a winning team was an incredible experience, as we’d often reach a state of flow and I would literally feel like I was flying across the water. We were fast, the water was smooth, and in those moments, nothing else mattered. The spirit of teamwork equaled winning results, and the winning results inspired the team. The cyclical process was amazing.

In building a business as an entrepreneur, it seems only fitting to surround yourself with a winning team, figure out how to find that sense of flow and achieve the results you desire.

Here are five tips for building the foundation of a winning team:

#1. Surround yourself with motivated people. People are definitely a product of their surroundings, and immersing yourself with motivated energy will duplicate. A sense of spirit, success and drive is just the push that will get everyone on board.

#2. Believe in yourself first. If you don’t believe in your own abilities, it will be too difficult to believe in someone else. By knowing that you have what it takes to be a hopeless success, your energy will spread to those around you. And, go ahead – be your own cheerleader!

#3. Share your experiences with the products to share your belief. When you authentically believe in a product or an idea, and you share this product or idea with those around you, they too will feel your belief. Don’t be afraid to tell the world how a product has enhanced your life. Real life experiences resonate and inspire!

#4. Get to know the people around you – from the checkout clerk at the grocery store to your neighbors. You never know who might be the next great addition to your team, or even to your circle of friends. Once you start talking to people, it’s easy to find commonalities in the most unexpected places.

#5. Set team goals. We all need something to strive for – a finish line of sorts – to know exactly where we are headed and how we’ll get there. By having a set of goals, everyone on the team will have the structure they need to be accountable.

Motivation, goals and belief are certainly the building blocks to a winning team and will set a tone of striving for success and achieving that ultimate win. Have you experienced the power of a winning team?

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Amanda LaRiviere

Amanda LaRiviere

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