The Follow Up: Best Tips And Practices To Implement In Your Business

One of the most important aspects of the UnFranchise Business is the follow up. The follow up occurs after UnFranchise Owners first introduce new prospects and customers to the business and our products.

Following up in the business is a simple concept that can be difficult to master. When new prospects or customers first learn about the business or try the products, UFOs should check-in and ask about their experience. What do they like and dislike about the business and products? Would they want to continue in this business? Is this the right time to become an UnFranchise Owner? These are all questions to consider when following up.

Mastering the follow up takes time and practice. To help expedite this process, we have some tips for you to try in your next follow up.

Follow Up Tips

– Keep following up. Approximately 50% of Preferred Customers will become UnFranchise Owners after purchasing products for three consecutive months.

– Be strategic about when to follow up. If you follow up every single day for two straight weeks, then the prospect might feel the pressure. Conversely, if you follow up once in a three week span, then the potential to lose the prospect increases. If you’re working with a potential customer who tries the product, our recommendation is to follow up on Days 1, 3, 7, 14, and 21.

– Don’t overwhelm the customer with too many products.

– Be available to answer any questions or concerns that the customer might have.

– Timing is everything. Just because it’s a good time for you does not mean it’s a good time for your prospect. The people you build relationships with now are possibilities later.

– Send your potential customers thank you letters, texts, or e-mails.

– Use the UnFranchise App to your benefit. UFOs can add Isotonix Daily Essentials Trial Size Sample Packets at not cost besides shipping. (The packet’s shipping cost of $5.95 is simply added to the total). The sample packets send as a marketing bundle which includes a personalized letter and folder with detailed information regarding the health benefits and ingredients of the three on-the-go samples. The app then follows up by sending a series of emails that include a thank you and follow up emails with product information. The app follows up with your customers and reminds you to follow up personally as well.

What are your best tips for the follow up? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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