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Four Things to Switch Up in Your Summer Skincare Routine

Now that summer is here it is time to switch up your skincare routine. Today we are sharing four things to mix up your current skincare routine to help combat the summer heat.

The summer heat and exposure to the sun can be brutal on your skin. We are sharing a few things you can switch up in your daily skincare routine to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy this summer. If you don’t already have an established skin care routine that you enjoy using, check out our recommended AM and PM routine here.

Four things to switch up in your summer skincare routine

  • As the heat turns up, and you find yourself reaching for lighter weight clothing the same theory applies to your moisturizers. Switch out your heavy cremes for a lightweight moisturizer or a gel.
  • Pump up the vitamin C. Vitamin C helps combat SPF rays that aren’t fully blocked by your sunscreen. We suggest adding our Illuminating Fading Fluid to your daily summer routine, it is full of vitamin C to help with collagen production.
  • Rescue your skin after a long day in the sun with our Moisture Intense Sheet Masque. It utilizes aloe to provide intense moisture. Which is exactly what your skin needs after a long day in the sun. It is also full of hyaluronic acid to promote skin hydration.
  • Find the right sunscreen. If you missed it we wrote a blog post earlier this month talking about how to find the best sunscreen for your skin, and time out in the sun.
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Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher