Frighteningly Healthy Alternatives for Halloween

Halloween is next week and chances are you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party soon. There will surely be temptation all around you between the bowls full of candy, caramel apples, and sweet party treats. Don’t let those devilish treats influence your weight loss goals or send your kids into sugar overdrive! Take charge of Halloween treats by presenting healthier options that yourself, party goers, and your kids will love. Read on for ideas of healthier alternatives to offer at your Halloween bash. 


Spiders on a Log

Kids and adults alike will shriek in delight at this Halloween spin on a classic snack. Spread peanut butter throughout fresh, clean celery sticks and top with plastic spiders for dramatic effect.




Monster Bites

Less spooky for the little ones, your little monsters will fall in love with these silly monster bites. Slice red apples and spread peanut butter, using it as a “glue” to hold the marshmallow teeth in place. Top with marshmallow eyes, using toothpicks to hold them up.




Ghosts and Pumpkins

These are definitely the easiest Halloween snack to put together! For the ghosts, simply slice a ripe banana in half and create the face using chocolate chips. Peel clementines or other small oranges and top with an inch of chopped celery. Not only will these make party guests swoon, your kids would be delighted to find these in their lunchbox this week.



Pumpkin Soup

Start Halloween night off with a festive meal. Warm everyone’s bellies with your favorite pumpkin soup before heading out into the chilly night. Don’t have a go-to recipe on hand? Give this Thai pumpkin soup for a unique spin on a classic. Drizzle a small amount of heavy cream over the soup for a spider web look.





Do you host or attend any Halloween parties? Which of these could you see yourself making this year? Share with us in the comments below.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

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