From Average People to Successful UnFranchise Owners: JR Ridinger’s Impact at Market Malaysia Annual Convention

The Market Malaysia Annual Convention was a truly spectacular two-day event, where UnFranchise® Owners and industry leaders came together to share knowledge and insights on building successful businesses. This gathering embodied Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Founder, JR Ridinger’s vision of helping average people achieve entrepreneurial success.

Market Malaysia General Manager, Cherie Foong

Under the guidance of Market Malaysia General Manager, Cherie Foong, the event featured inspiring talks from Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Co-Founder, Loren Ridinger and President & COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley. Ridinger urged attendees to change their thinking and decide who they want to become, saying, “If you look at most successful people in the world, they weren’t given their success, they became it. They didn’t allow their past or their environments to shape their identity. The question is, who are you? Who do you want to become?”


Marc Ashley, President & COO of Market America Worldwide speaks at Market Malaysia Convention.

Ashley’s presentation excited the crowd with the latest updates on the company’s offerings of products, technology and features that included a new benefit allowing UnFranchise Owners the ability to convert SHOP Points into cash, encouraging them to embrace the “Renaissance” spirit and push forward.

Local leaders also shared valuable insights throughout the convention. Director Sofia Ma discussed the importance of the right mental approach to business, emphasizing positivity as a key to overcoming challenges. Professional Coordinator Dya Chua inspired attendees with the value of attending conventions as a team, emphasizing the unparalleled opportunity for learning, networking, and growth.

In the highly anticipated “New Products Introduction,” Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Communication, Hiong Yee Jun, unveiled a range of exclusive products from Isotonix, Shopping Annuity, Layered, and more. These carefully selected products aim to provide value to the lives of UnFranchise Owners and their customers.

Chew Ann Xin on stage during Market Malaysia ‘A-New-Me’ Transformation Runway.

One of the event’s highlights was the ‘A-New-Me’ Transformation Runway, hosted by Product Manager (Beauty) Tracy Leong and Senior Master Coordinator Andrew Chew. They showcased the power of Market Malaysia’s products and business model by presenting 10 finalists who underwent life-changing transformations. The audience voted live to select the top three winners.

Executive Vice President of Market America, Kevin Buckman, shared his wealth of experience in a riveting presentation titled "31 Years and 31 Tips and Insights."

Executive Vice President of Market America, Kevin Buckman, shared his wealth of experience in a riveting presentation titled “31 Years and 31 Tips and Insights.” Kevin’s valuable advice, derived from his three-decade-long journey with Market America, provided attendees with practical and actionable tips to elevate their businesses.

The convention also featured valuable presentations on topics such as consistency, prospecting and qualifying, sponsoring, and leading by example. Each speaker shared their knowledge and experiences, providing the crowd with actionable takeaways to apply to their own businesses.

The convention concluded on a high note with an empowering presentation by Executive Field Vice President Johnny Huang, who underscored the importance of leading by example. His message left the crowd feeling recharged and eager to apply the lessons learned over the two days to their businesses.

Overall, the Market Malaysia Annual Convention was a resounding success, with unforgettable moments featuring Loren Ridinger, Marc Ashley, and local leaders, all of whom are carrying on JR Ridinger’s legacy of helping average people achieve entrepreneurial success. As the convention drew to a close, it was evident that UnFranchise Owners were ready to take their businesses to new heights, supported by Market America’s proven business model and equipped with the invaluable lessons learned over the two-day event. This gathering was a true testament to JR Ridinger’s vision and its ongoing impact on the lives of countless entrepreneurs.


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