From the Heart: Fat Joe Discusses the Profound Impact of JR Ridinger with Yahoo Finance Presents

Fat Joe has been an incredible ambassador for Market America because he always speaks from the heart. This authenticity has made Joe a truly rare superstar whose genuine nature shines through with everything he does. In fact, Joe was recently interviewed on Yahoo Finance Presents about life and success, and he selflessly shifted attention to the lessons imparted by his friend and mentor, JR Ridinger.

Below you’ll find a quick clip from this interview so you can hear the touching segment where Joe discusses the man we all miss so much. JR clearly had a massive influence on Joe and it’s so special to see him being remembered and honored in this way. It’s really touching to see someone as accomplished as Fat Joe never forget the connection he had with JR and the profound impact and influence he had on his life and success.



Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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