Full #MAWC2021 Replay Available on SwapCard!

We’re coming off of 3 incredible days at #MAWC2021! There is so much information and new products to recap, but first things first let’s start with the presentations. Did you miss a presentation or simply want to rewatch and take notes? The full replay is now available on Swapcard for ticketholders to rewatch over the next 14 days. You’ll notice the replay is the full day so we’ve created a timesheet for all presentations for quick reference in case you’re looking for a specific presentation. Continue on for the complete list.

DAY 1: FRIDAY, March 26, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Market America | SHOP.COM World Conference (Loren Ridinger) – 20:05

Tribute To Howard Spector (Loren Ridinger) – 32:25

Marc Ashley, Part I – 37:23

Lumière de Vie (Kim Ashley and Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin) – 1:48:00

Motives (Maria Checa) – 2:05:47

Power Profile (Elizabeth Weber-Walliser ) – 2:29:27

Power Profile (Jonathan Hsieh) – 2:38:29

Building Your Business With Motives (Lisa Martin and Leigh Raeder) – 3:49:25

Marc Ashley, Part II – 4:05:32

Get Layered (Loren Ridinger and Kim Ashley) – 5:07:00

Power Profile (Rich Duong) – 5:20:01

Power Profile (Johnny Huang)– 5:28:10

TLS (Dennis Franks) – 5:37:25

Base 10, Seven Strong / Retail (Dennis Franks and Jim Winkler) – 6:00:51

Recognition (Andrew Weissman and Jim Winkler) – 6:23:55

Prime Joint w/ Scottie Pippen (Scottie Pippen and Andrew Weissman) – 7:04:27

Doctors Panel: Products For Immune Health & Sexual Health (Dr. Deedra Mason) – 7:18:50


DAY 2: SATURDAY, March 27, 2021

Welcome (Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler) 1:02:30

Loren Ridinger 1:23:15

JR Ridinger 3:06:56

Marc Ashley 5:52:11

Getting Started (Dennis Franks & Jim Winkler) 9:18:28

The Power of the Plan (JR Ridinger) 7:36:31

Recognition 9:50:10


DAY 3: SUNDAY, March 28, 2021 

Welcome – 53:07

Steve Ashley -1:13:03

Jim Winkler/Kevin Buckman – 1:58:30

Jerry Siciliano Award (Marc Ashely/Loren Ridinger) – 2:30:45

Fat Joe – 3:05:45

Elizabeth Weber – 4:31:30

Recognition Jim Winkler & Andrew Weissman – 5:20:55

JR Ridinger Close – 6:17:06

Here are a few tips for accessing the replays:

Tip 1- Accessing the Session Replays
The easiest way to find all the sessions for the prior days is to click on the agenda of your choice by going to either the English, Mandarin, or Closed Caption Watch Live menu options at the top of the screen. When you click on those, a white date bar will pop up displaying all the days of the event, then when you select the day, you can see the full event session list for that day, including sessions you did NOT attend or register for. Note: If you select “my event” you can also access sessions you attended or registered for in the past, but you may not be able to see sessions you did not attend.

Tip 2- Adjusting the Playback Speed of the Replays

When you are watching the replays, you can speed up or slow down the sessions to best accommodate your learning style. To adjust the playback speed, simply click on the little settings button in the lower right of the screen and hover over the left side of the words playback speed, then this little menu pops up and you can either speed up or slow down the recording.

More Video Resources Available:

Did you love the videos that played between presentations? We’ve created a full resource list of those incredible videos for you to easily access and share with your team, customers, and prospects. See the video resource list HERE.

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