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Full Replay of #MAWC2022 on SwapCard!

After three phenomenal days of #MAWC2022, there is so much you will need to replay, review and unpack in order to absorb all of the information! That being said, take advantage of these two weeks post-Conference to rewatch, take notes, or catch the presentation you may have missed. Because the full replay available on Swapcard is of each whole day, we’ve created a timesheet of all the presentations for your convenience. Full list ahead!

General Sessions Replays

DAY 1: THURSDAY, February 24, 2022

Welcome to Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2022 World Conference; Tribute & Dedication to Dennis Franks | LOREN RIDINGER (59:17)

Stay Focused and Stay the Course 53 Challenge | KEVIN BUCKMAN, ANDREW WEISSMAN & JIM WINKLER (01:16:48)

Product Brokerage: The Next Chapter Continues | MARC ASHLEY (01:43:34)

Motives Moments | MARIA CHECA (03:22:33)

Power Profiles: UnFranchise Owner Success Stories (03:51:09)

Powered by People — Recognition | ANDREW WEISSMAN & JIM WINKLER (05:18:35)

Creating Awareness | DR. DEEDRA MASON (06:06:31)

Business-Building | CORPORATE TEAM & FIELD LEADERS (07:01:32)

Fat Joe Presentation | JOSEPH “FAT JOE” CARTAGENA (07:53:28)

Power Profiles: UnFranchise Owner Success Stories (08:22:05)

DAY 2: FRIDAY, February 25, 2022

SHOP.COM and New Technologies | STEVE ASHLEY (50:48)

UnFranchise Marketing, SHOP LIVE & Pulse: The Next Chapter Continues | MARC ASHLEY (01:29:02)

Pam & Tony Bowling Award | LOREN RIDINGER & MARC ASHLEY (03:03:36)

Get Layered & Lumière de Vie Skincare | AMBER RIDINGER-MCLAUGHLIN & KIM ASHLEY (03:23:04)

Power Profiles: UnFranchise Owner Success Stories (03:42:57)

Business Building: The Next Chapter Continues | JR RIDINGER (05:10:50)

Powered by People — Recognition | ANDREW WEISSMAN & JIM WINKLER (07:41:00)

Introducing Our New Chief Legal Officer | JUSTIN POWELL (08:44:04)

Power Profiles: UnFranchise Owner Success Stories (08:57:27)

DAY 3: SATURDAY, February 26, 2022

Business Building | ELIZABETH WEBER-WALLISER (45:10)

Motivational Speech | LOREN RIDINGER (01:35:00)

Special Presentation in Honor of Dennis Franks (03:14:33)

Power Profiles: UnFranchise Owner Success Stories (04:02:54)

Powered by People — Recognition & Challenge Winners | ANDREW WEISSMAN & JIM WINKLER (05:07:31)

Stay Focused and Stay the Course | JR RIDINGER (05:54:02)


Replay Tips

Tip 1 – Accessing the Replays & Timestamps

From Swapcard home, click “Watch English Replays” (or “Watch Mandarin Replays). The sessions are listed in chronological order by which they occurred, including the breakouts. Click one of the general sessions. Under the “Information” sidebar, you will see a list including the exact same timestamps as listed above as well as the streaming show segments, special announcements, and indications of when lunch began and ended.

Tip 2 – Adjusting the Replay Playback Speed

To the bottom right of the video player, you will see a default button displaying “1x.” By clicking on that button, you have the option of speeding up the video (1.2x, 1.5x, and 2.0x) or slowing it down (0.8x and 0.5x). This feature can be used to quickly watch the sections you have already seen or taken notes on to get to the parts you may have missed or to slow down certain phrases you may want to take detailed minutes of.

Tip 3 – The Special UBP & Breakouts

Back at the Replays page, you will also see the Special UnFranchise Business Presentation with JR and Andrew, and the breakout sessions. The Special UBP is a spectacular example of how to conduct both the Evaluation Approach as well as your own personal UBP itself, so take the time to review it. Additionally, the breakouts provide you with detailed insight on certain products, marketing strategies, and more. Even if you attended in-person, some of these breakouts were scheduled to overlap. This is precisely why we make them available so that you have the opportunity to garner as much knowledge as you strive to gain.


More Resources

Especially at this event, there were numerous videos played on-stage in between presentations you may want to watch again. Our favorites are likely the ones about Dennis Franks. If you would like to browse them, they are available here.

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Andrea Geller


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