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Fun Activities To Do With Your Little One

There is nothing better than getting to spend quality time with your little miracle! With the rapidly growing cases of Covid-19, you could probably use some easy, fun activities to do during this time at home with your child.

Here are some fun activities to do to help keep your sanity and your child’s boredom at bay.


    • Color in coloring books or activity books
    • Finger paint
    • Make friendship bracelets
    • Paint your finger and toe nails
    • Board games (Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Clue)
    • Start a mini garden and plant some fruits and veggies
    • Teach your child how to bake or cook
    • Build forts and watch movies in them
    • Play card games like Uno or Go Fish


Think back to when you were a child. What were common games that you played with your friends, or even by yourself? Hide-n-seek and dance parties come to mind for me. I hope these ideas come in handy when you need inspiration for things to keep you and the little one entertained during this time of social distancing. Stay safe and have fun playing!


If you need a few more ideas, checkout 8 Indoor Activities to do with Kids.

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Ali Carswell

Ali Carswell