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Funding The Shopping Annuity: Isotonix Daily Essentials

There’s no secret as to why UnFranchise Owners love Isotonix Daily Essentials. The product speaks for itself!

Isotonix Daily Essentials provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in one, convenient serving to promote long-term health and optimal nutrition. Daily Essentials combines four supplements into one on-the-go packet. The four supplements are opc-3, multivitamin, activated b-complex, and calcium plus.

The health benefits in each pack are superb. The Daily Essentials formula combats free radicals, increases energy, promotes strong bones and healthy teeth, decreases stress, and promotes energy. Not only will your health benefit, but so will your Shopping Annuity! As a Market America Exclusive Product, Daily Essentials purchases earn BV and Cashback! Just add water and start your journey towards optimal health today!

Still not sold on Isotonix Daily Essentials? The best way to gain belief in the product is to see it being put to use in the field. Check out these social media posts from excited UFOs who love to share the power of Isotonix! To order Isotonix Daily Essentials, click here. 



Jodi Ong


Kate Greatorex

Kate Greatorex




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