Gas Prices: Be Prepared With The Right Products

Nervous about gas prices? Make the most of your fuel with Autoworks products and more! Especially as the summer comes around, road trips are more likely and your fuel needs to be more efficient!

While Gas Prices Increase, Your Car Maintenance Improves

We recommend the following two products to help you save on gas! While one is added to your engine oil, the other is added to your gas tanks – but both will help your engine and maximize your gas usage.

Autoworks™ Fuel Enhancer

Unlike most fuel treatments, Autoworks Fuel Enhancer doesn’t just clean one portion of your fuel system – it cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, combustion chambers, intake valves and ports, and gas gauge sensors.

It helps relieve cold start-up problems, protects against fuel system sulfur deposits, and reduces deposit-related engine knocking and pinging. This approach to fuel treatment is multifaceted in the sense that a single bottle does the jobs of multiple other products.

To use Autoworks Fuel Enhancer, add one ounce to every 17 gallons of fuel.

Friction Free 3000™ Engine Treatment

While the fuel enhancer is cleaning all of those parts, the Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment is lubricating your engine and enhancing its performance. This engine treatment has been shown to provide superior engine lubrication, improve engine power, and reduce emissions/engine wear.

Metallurgists in the field of tribology confirm that soft metals are superior in providing a reduction in friction and enhancing lubrication between two hard surfaces. The proper use of Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment can help increase gas mileage and reduce exhaust emissions.

To use Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment, first, have your oil changed by a qualified professional. Start your engine, allow it to reach its regular operating temperature, and then stop the engine. Immediately add a complete bottle of Friction Free 3000 to your engine’s crankcase – where you add your engine oil. Immediately restart the engine and continue to drive the vehicle at normal speeds for at least ten minutes.

Other Autoworks Products

While you’re at it, might as well keep on caring for your vehicle! Get your car hyper cleaned with Autoworks™ High Performance Auto Care Tire & Wheel Cleaner, Autoworks™ High Performance Auto Care Shimmering Polish, and more!

Use Autoworks Fuel Enhancer and Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment to save money as gas prices increase and fluctuate.


Don’t Waste More Time & Gas

Get products that will assist your vehicle and in turn, assist you in saving on gas. The wisest vehicle owners are those prepared for gas prices fluctuations!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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