Get Back On Offense With The Basic 5

Who is ready to get back on offense in the business? In other words, it’s time for UnFranchise Owners to challenge themselves as entrepreneurs and build their business with the Basic 5.

The Basic 5 includes the fundamentals of the UnFranchise Business. With these fundamentals, UFOs can learn how to properly build an UnFranchise. Whether you are a new UnFranchise Owner or 10-year veteran, the Basic 5 can benefit all entrepreneurs in Market America.

Let’s learn more about each fundamental below.

Basic 5 Fundamentals Of Business

Attitude and Knowledge

  • Attitude precedes success
  • Develop a positive attitude and gain knowledge about Market America – listen to audios, make at least two calls per week, attend UBPs, Zoom sessions, etc.

Goals and a Goal Statement

  • People without goals have no destination
  • Define your goals – write them down
  • Create an action plan to achieve those goals within a certain time frame (1 week, 1 month, 90 days, etc.)


  • Benefits – profit, generate BV, identify potential business prospects, build belief
  • Choose only a few specific products to focus on when you first start out
  • Purchase Market America Product Catalog

Prospecting, Recruiting, and Sponsoring

  • Duplicate efforts and leverage your time
  • Start off by creating a names list with potential prospects
  • You’re looking to evaluate prospects to see if they qualify for your team; if not, move on

Follow Up and ABC Pattern

  • According to Marc Ashley, “The fortune is in the follow up.”
  • Follow up with your prospects after they see the UnFranchise Business Plan, try products, have questions, etc.
  • Use the ABC Pattern to duplicate; people lead to people

Make sure to download the Basic 5 Powerpoint, which can be found in “Support Materials” on

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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