Get Creative With This Fall Motives Social Media Challenge

Up for a little creative challenge? We’re sharing a few ways you can create content for social media while keeping your business goals in mind and being on-trend.

The fall season is fast approaching and you will be ahead of the curve by gearing up with these social media content ideas. 

Custom Skin Is In

We recently announced one of the best tools to help you get to know your customer’s skincare needs, the Custom Skin Quiz! Here are a few ways you can share about this new tool. 

  • Share it on Instagram or Facebook stories. Now, we don’t just mean to share an image of it. we mean share your perspective about it! Your family, friends, and followers want to see and hear you. 
    • Challenge: Choose 1 day of the week for an entire month and talk about skincare + Custom Skin Quiz consistently on that day of the week for the entire month. 
  • Show and tell through video
    • Challenge: Film your AM or PM skincare routine using all of your favorite products as you usually use them. You can share this in the form of a long video walking your audience step by step or edit it down to under 1 minute using video editing apps on your phone. You can even do a voiceover talking about the Custom Skin Quiz and how it formulates a custom skin report based on your skin type. Since it’s for your personal pages, we encourage you to mention to your followers that they can visit the link in your bio to take it now. For more video editing and content creation tips from our trainers,  click here.
  • Key reminder: Make sure you are linking all your content using the URL at the bottom of your site to ensure it leads back to your unique portal.  Sharing a screenshot below for reference. You can put this in the bio of your Instagram or share it on Facebook. 

Social Selling Tips:

  • Start off the short video with something personal like “This is how I rehydrate my dry skin” or “Here’s my skin routine for sensitive skin”
  • End the video with a CTA to take the Custom Skin Quiz to find the best fit routine for their skin type
  • If for stories, begin with a personal story/experience from that day or that week and later tie it back as it relates to skin. This can help capture their audience’s attention without feeling like they are being sold something off the bat.

Here are more content ideas for the upcoming fall season:

  • Another seasonal content idea is to show off your fall makeup looks! With so many new products announced and recently launched, get in the feeling of the season by showing how you use them to achieve your looks. 
  • Choose a TikTok trend and adapt it to your style using your products and creativity
  • Share about your favorite lip shades for Fall 
  • Promote a fall SHOP LIVE event by sharing about it and inviting your audience via Instagram and Facebook stories.

Remember, one post may not reach your intended audience. Share consistently and in different ways in order to maximize who sees your content. Use the hashtag #MotivesNation so we can see your posts for a chance to be featured on our pages.  Happy almost Fall!

Want to learn more about how to master social media for your business? Sign up for the Motives Creators Summit here. 

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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