Get Moving for National Family Fitness Month!

Grab the kids + get on your feet because January is National Family Fitness Month! A new year means turning the page to a whole new fresh start, and not just for you. It’s time to bundle up and get the whole family out the door! But, mastering a healthy lifestyle for yourself is hard enough so how are busy families supposed to get fit and stay healthy? We’ve got a few ideas.

Did you know that 80% of adolescents do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic activities while 80% of adults don’t meet the guidelines for aerobic or muscle-strengthening? Despite knowing that regular exercise improves overall health and reduces risk for common health problems, many of us, together with our families, are far too sedentary.

Instead of sitting around, try these activities to engage everyone from 2 to 92!


Act It Out

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If you’ve got a child (or children!) that are young enough for storytime, round up the family to act out the story instead! Assign characters, make quick costumes, and begin a weekend tradition that will thrill your little ones while getting the rest of the family away from the TV + on their feet!


Pre- or Post-Dinner Walks

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Another great way to get out and moving is planning walks before or after dinner each night! It’s a great way to help your digestive system, power down the screens, and enjoy your neighborhood or local park. If you’re a runner, grab your little one a bike or a jogging stroller and pick up the pace! You can even make it a fun game of iSpy as you go.



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If you’re enjoying a winter wonderland right now, you’ve got everything you need for a day of activity + fun! Find the nearest safe slope, sleds, and your family and get creative in your sledding adventures. You can try different types of sleds or materials to see which is faster, set up cones as an obstacle course, or add in a snowball fight for a little extra complexity!



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Whether it’s right around the corner or a weekend getaway, hiking is perfect for the snowy, early months of 2018! The scenic views and the challenging terrain are a great escape from the everyday hustle + bustle for you and your older children. All you need is the right hiking boots, a couple of layers, and on-the-go nutrition for an afternoon of activity and fun!


Local Classes + Groups

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With a heavier focus on fitness + health, 2018 is bringing back the popularity of group classes. The best part? This time it’s for kids, too! Many local gyms and recreation centers are offering family fitness classes that range from Mom + Baby Yoga to organized sports to Family Fun Bootcamps where you’ll be chasing your toddler around the track! Check out your local listings to see what options you have near you.



How are you getting up + moving for Family Fitness Month? Tell us in the comments below!

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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