Get to Know the New Features of Hurdlr

Hurdlr continues to improve to deliver the best features for its users! As UnFranchise® Business Owners, it’s important to monitor and keep track of our expenses. In fact, the average small-business owner leaves roughly US$3,000 each year on the table, simply because they did not track, monitor, and submit expenses they are entitled to write off of their taxable income. To ensure UFOs don’t leave money on the table, Market America has partnered with Hurdlr. This incredible service is FREE for UFMS subscribers! Continue reading to learn more about the new features Hurdlr has recently added.

Here’s what’s new with Hurdlr:

Unattached Receipts

If you have your bank account or credit card linked in Hurdlr, you can now add a receipt to Hurdlr before the transaction pulls in from your bank, then attach it to the transaction when it pulls into Hurdlr.

Bank Account Rules

If you have certain bank accounts or credit cards that are only used for business transactions or only used for personal transactions, you can set them as business or personal accounts in Hurdlr. By doing so, all of the past and future transactions that pull in from that account will be tagged automatically.

Manual Bank Accounts

If you don’t have a certain account linked in Hurdlr, you have the ability to add a source for any transactions that they manually enter or import.

Calculating Distance For Manually Entered Trips

When manually entering mileage, Hurdlr will automatically calculate the distance between the starting and ending addresses for you.

Round Trip

When manually entering trips, you have the option to mark a drive as Round Trip. This will duplicate the drive details that you entered but reverse the addresses to account for the return drive. Tracking both directions of your trips separately ensures you’re accurately tracking and reporting your mileage, which gives you much more detailed and precise records for your business drives and tax estimates.

Calendar Integration for Mileage Notes

For adding mileage notes, you can sync your calendar to Hurdlr, which allows you to choose a calendar event to set as a note.


Do you have questions about Hurdlr? Check out this FAQ

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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