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Get to Know the Pet Advantage Program

Keep your pet healthy this summer with the Pet Advantage program from SHOP.COM! It’s smart savings for pets. Continue reading to learn more about this great program that earns you IBV and earns Cashback for your customers.

The Pet Advantage program is here to offer convenient services and discounts for your pet-related needs. We have partnered with Pet Assure (discounts on veterinary services and much more), Rx Valet for Pets (discounts on pet medication), and whiskerDocs (24/7 Pet Help Line) to help you and your customers save money on pet care while earning membership rewards and incentives like ongoing IBV for you and Cashback for your customers.

The Pet Advantage Program offers convenient services and discounts for your pet-related needs. The program has partnered with services that focus on pet care.

The plan’s goal is to help reduce the cost of pet care, both for medical consultations and medications. As UnFranchise Owners, users can earn membership rewards such as IBV while your customers can earn Cashback. To become a member of the Pet Advantage Program, users can subscribe to a membership that only costs $14.99 per month. After subscribing to the program, UFOs receive 53% IBV plus 53% more IBV for each monthly payment.

Do you still have questions about the program? Check out these FAQs.

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media