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Getting Off to a Fast Start in 2023

By Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales







2023 is almost here! It’s a new year and the start of your best year ever at Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM. It is so important to start the year strong. What you do in the first quarter sets the tone for the entire year. A great first quarter naturally leads to a great year.

What is your action plan to start fast? You will need to set your goals for the year and really put some thought into them. I recommend that you write down and commit to your goals. The first quarter is going to be here soon, and you want to be ready.

It truly is a very simple business when you focus on what will help you be successful and eliminate distractions that do not. Building an organization and creating repeat customers is what makes you successful. Having people attend events is what generates retention in an organization. With that being said, our action plan should focus on these three areas.

How do you increase the number of customers that you currently have? It’s simple: You expose more people to information about our products. Small meetings in the home are great ways to share our products and generate new customers. They are comfortable and allow customers to sample products as well. Search “Home Presentations” in the Support Materials section of, and you will find numerous outstanding tools to support your retailing efforts.

We can use tools like the UnFranchise® Marketing App and send samples to our customers. Using the features on the app will lead us to more and more new customers. Of course, we also want to increase share of customer, and we can do that by adding a product catalog or a trial-sized marketing product right from the order screen when we are ordering or passing through product orders to our customers. Using online quizzes like the Nutri-Physical®, TLS® Weight Loss and Lifestyle Profile and the Custom Skin Quiz are great ways to increase your share of customer. Here is a link to a Zoom presentation on how to use these three quizzes. Online Zoom product presentations and One-to-One Marketing will lead to even more customers. Your goal must be to create Base 10, Seven Strong. This means you and six people on your team (seven strong) each have at least 10 repeat customers (base 10) who order 40 BV per month. This creates volume, which generates retail profit and BV.

Next, start doing two evaluations a week. Do an introduction to the business as step one and the actual Management Performance Compensation Plan as step two. What do you think will happen if you end the first quarter having done 24 personal or team evaluations (two a week for 12 weeks)? You will be bringing on new partners and repeating the process with them. If you have three business partners on your left and three on your right who also commit to Base 10, Seven Strong and two evaluations a week, you now have 72 evaluations on each side of your business during a 12-week quarter. The numbers never lie — if you do the focused work, the results will come.

As you bring new teammates into the business, set up home meetings with the people who your new teammates would like to evaluate for the business. These small meetings are perfect for building relationships and trust. They also allow you to answer questions and have other UnFranchise Owners support the meeting.

At the beginning of the year, we will start a Zoom series called “Master UnFranchise Owner Action Plan.” This 13-week training series includes the ability to participate in an accountability group with the training. Accountability is vital to measuring, monitoring and adjusting your business-building actions. Look for this training each Wednesday evening.

As you build an organization, you will need to ensure that your teammates are trained correctly. Tickets to the next Local Seminar and to Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Leadership School 2023 will be critical. Make sure each new person has a ticket to both. Doing so is critical to duplication and momentum and should be part of the qualification process.

If it sounds too simple, prove me wrong. Do these simple steps for 90 days and see what happens. It is exactly what we have done over the years to produce top business-builders and earners. Work extra hours, do more evaluations, share your products with more customers and move more tickets. Make no excuses — just results.

You’ve got this! We believe in you.

Jim Winkler

Jim Winkler

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