Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

As an UnFranchise® Owner, you’re often called upon to step up and speak to other entrepreneurs, potential business partners, and customers. While you may not be on stage at World Conference or International Convention, a smaller crowd of people can still be intimidating. If you suffer from a bit of stage fright in front of a group, read on for tips on overcoming your nerves and speaking with authority:

Be Prepared
If you’re the type to “just wing it” on most occasions and do well: congratulations. I am very jealous. Though you may be able to cruise through meetings, classes, or events with little prep, speaking in front of a crowd is a whole new arena, especially if you’re already nervous. A little preparation has the power to go a long way. Before your speaking engagement, make an outline of what you want to say. How you structure your outline is really up to you. You can write it word for word (like a speech) or make bullet points of main ideas to discuss.

I find that when I get up to speak to a crowd, highlighting certain parts of my outline with a pink highlighter helps me get back on track if I begin to lose my place. If you’re able to use a visual aid (like a PowerPoint), it can also help you from stumbling over your words. Follow the slides to help your presentation progress, but be careful not to read straight off of them! That’s boring for the audience.

Share Something You Care About
Part of the reason you may be struggling with public speaking is because you’re talking about a topic you think will bore your audience (thus making you boring) or because you’re not excited about sharing your material. If you speak on a topic you love, chances are your audience will see your passion and they’ll love it, too! Find ways to make your presentations exciting and relatable. Not familiar with Motives® Cosmetics? Invite a business partner to do that part of the presentation. Talk about what you feel comfortable with and you’re sure to have an easier time getting through your presentation.

Understand You’re Not Perfect
Are you a perfectionist who’s afraid of flubbing up in front of a crowd of people? Get over it! Mistakes can and will happen and your best bet is to anticipate them so they don’t destroy your presentation later on. If you say something wrong or skip over a line in your presentation, slow down, correct yourself, and move on. It happens to the best of us. Anyone remember recently on The Voice when popular singer Usher called Nashville a state? That’s quite a serious flub, but he smiled, laughed, and took it in stride.

Just Do It
I’ve found that the most effective way to get over your fear of public speaking is to just do it. What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you’ll stutter. Maybe you’ll turn red in the face (I know I do!). Chances are, someone in the audience knows just how you feel. Don’t be afraid of judgment… be afraid of not trying. The more times you speaking in front of an audience, the more comfortable you’ll become.

Public speaking may never top your list of favorite things to do, but if you take the time to really think about your presentation then go for it, you’ll meet with nothing but success.

Do you have tips about speaking to a crowd? Leave them in the comment section below!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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