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Gift Card Notice

Don’t let a few hiccups with Gift Cards turn you off from building your Shopping Annuity because when you are creating your own economy there are bound to be small hiccups! We’ve heard a lot of feedback and concerns about & and we wanted to share that information with you.

In regards to &, we are trying to educate them on our model and UnFranchise® Owners purchasing behaviors and they are making every effort to update their fraud models to make better decisions with us. Typically a flag is due to the total $ amount but in some cases can limit the total units bought over time as well. Sudden orders with high $ amounts or high quantities in a short period of time are red flags for card not present account takeover fraud. But here is their reasoning.

They are a publicly traded company (HAWK), and are experiencing the following trends in the market.

#1) Third party sellers of gift cards mainly grocery & drug stores are limiting gift card sales due to EMV liability

#2) Fraudsters due to this shift are moving their efforts to online CNP transactions

Because of these 2 behaviors the unfortunate folks suffering are customers that make transactions that appear to be problematic and score a higher likelihood of fraud. Unfortunately our members buying large quantities very rapidly or large dollar amounts are going to create this signal, and until their models have more data they have to deny them to protect their business and shareholders. We will keep you all posted as we work through these concerns.

Always check out the Gift Cards available right on SHOP.COM.

In the meantime take a look at additional Gift Card options for you.


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