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Giving Back: Market America Donates Products to Local Charities

Market America is built around the concept of helping others – and that desire to positively impact the world stretches far beyond entrepreneurial empowerment. As a home-grown business we’ve always understood the importance of giving back to our local community, and this week we were fortunate to have the chance to work with three amazing organizations which serve those in need…

One Step Further

On Tuesday we had a great visit from Susan Cox, Program Director for the One Step Further Community Support & Nutrition Program. I’d like to share with you now a quick video from Tuesday’s meeting which is sure to put a smile on your face. As you can see, our donation of Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Deodorant and Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Shave Cream is going to a truly tremendous cause! This donation directly benefits the One Step Further Program and the families who depend on this amazing organization. I love these types of grassroots donations because they make a direct impact for those in need of a helping hand – something we all need from time to time!


Lot 2540 Ministries

On Thursday we had another special visit – this time from the team at Lot 2540 Ministries. This incredible group serves over 500 families in and around Rockingham County. Currently, families drive up, meet with a Lot 2540 Ministries volunteer to find out what the family needs. The family receives a list so that they can check off, not only the items that they mentioned but other items that they need – and they can check off how MANY of each item they need! It’s a respectful way of giving these families the choice of selecting products that they can use without the families having to deplete what money they have. I really love their model – especially the fact that people feel empowered by making their own choices for the items they need.


NW Guilford Backpack Ministries

We ended the week on a high note with another special visit from an incredible local organization which seeks to help underserved families in need. NW Guilford Backpack Ministries is a great group which provides an invaluable service to those in need, and we feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with organizations such as this to make an impact on a local level. A special thanks to Wendy Kesselring of NW Guilford Backpack beginnings for spending some time with us at our corporate headquarters and discussing the different ways individuals and organizations can make a positive impact for those in need!


A special thanks to Marty Weissman, the Market America team, and MA Cares who worked with these fabulous local charities to coordinate these donations. I’m sharing this now because I hope it inspires everyone to take some time today to consider what you can do to make a positive impact within your own communities!

Many UnFranchise Owners have reached out, asking how they can help out in their community. Giving back comes in many forms, from volunteering your time to donating products. We encourage all of our UnFranchise Owners worldwide to get involved. Did you know that many organizations are constantly in need of items that are just a click away at Here are just a few items that are always in high demand at local homeless and women’s shelters:

How has your Market America business allowed YOU to give back to your local community? We want to spotlight your story! Share your stories, photos and more with us, using #MAgivesback, tag us on social media, comment on this blog, or submit your experiences to

Keep Growing & Thanks for Helping Make a Difference!

-JR Ridinger

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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO