GoNow Gameplan: Replay For “Season of Giving” Show Now On Demand

Since the holiday season is all about giving, the UFO Marketing team decided to dedicate an entire hour of conversation to that theme on the latest episode of the GoNow Gameplan. The episode was titled, “Season of Giving,” and it was hosted by Sarah Rose Stack and Ryan Stack.

During the show, Sarah and Ryan explained how UnFranchise® Owners can use the giving season to their advantage when in regards to growing their business and funding their Shopping Annuity® . With endless opportunities to convert your spending into earning, the giving season will not only make your family and friends happy, but your wallet as well!

Here is what Sarah and Ryan covered on the “Season of Giving” show:

  • Socially Speaking:
    How to successfully share holiday deals on social media
  • Shopping Annuity® Hacks:
    Ambassador choices and consumable shopping
  • Consumer Corner:
    Lumière de Vie Hommes: Beard Elixir
  • Retailing:
    BV holiday gift ideas
  • Business Building:
    Networking through the holidays
  • Brainspanking of the Week:
    Mindfulness, gratitude and your health
  • GMTSS Roundup:
    Northeast Regional Convention (Sneak peek!)

Below is the replay of the “Season of Giving.” If you want to watch previous episodes of the GoNow Gameplan, visit the Shopping Annuity YouTube channel to watch the videos on demand.





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