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Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan Visits Market America Headquarters

This past week, our Market America Headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina played host to a very special and esteemed visitor.

Market America had the privilege and honor of hosting Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and her team for a meeting and tour of the Greensboro facilities with President and COO of Market America, Marc Ashley. The meeting served as a positive opportunity to discuss different ways to strengthen Market America’s important relationship with the Greensboro community.

Joining Mayor Vaughan were members of the Greensboro leadership team. They include: City Manager Jim Westmoreland, City Council Member Nancy Hoffman, Assistant City Manager David Parrish, Economic & Business Support Manager Kathi Dubel, and City Attorney Tom Carruthers.

Market America prides itself on having a strong relationship with the city of Greensboro. The International Convention alone has such an enormous economic impact on the local businesses in the area and we have the Leadership Team of Greensboro to thank for their continuous support! With a host of new projects and some massive roadway improvements in the area, Greensboro is only going to continue to improve!

It truly was an honor to have Mayor Vaughan and her team take time out of their busy schedules to meet with Marc and other members of our corporate team. We look forward to continue our positive relationship in the future!

Check out some social media posts and photos from the meeting.

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