Grow Your UnFranchise with these Holiday Promotions from SHOP.COM

The holidays are such an important time for UnFranchise Owners because the shopping season is in full swing – and since you’ve got the best shopping platform in the world this presents you with a tremendous opportunity to grow your business. With each passing year more and more customers are deciding to skip the lines and the crowds and take advantage of the convenience that online shopping offers – and when you factor in the amazing holiday deals we have on SHOP.COM it’s easy to see why so many people shop on SHOP!

With so many special deals, offers, promotions, and contests going on right now it can be difficult to keep track of everything – that’s why I decided to put it all in one helpful place for you! Below you’ll find a great list to help you really leverage this time of year and grow your business by capitalizing on the promotions we’re running on SHOP.COM. Stay tuned for more promotions on the horizon as we continue to roll out new deals for our customers and UFOs!

Sharing these deals on social media will help drive traffic to your website while also generating a buzz about your business! I’ve also included a few links to the SHOP.COM Mobile App on Google Play and Apple iTunes, which is something everyone should be using during the holidays. Also, be sure to follow the SHOP.COM Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for great deals every day on social media!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Take advantage of these crucial holiday promotions from SHOP.COM:



JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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