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Grow with DNA Miracles This Spring

When I think of Spring, I think of “April showers bring May flowers”, the phrase my mom always used to cheer up my sad face when it would begin to rain on my outside fun. Spring brings new beginnings! New grass sprouts, flowers start to bud, and new baby animals are born. Spring the sign of freshness on the horizon!

One of my favorite parts about Spring is outside fun and gardening.Even though this spring season is coming in on a somewhat strange and unprecedented note, I don’t let it stop me from enjoying the therapeutic values of planting. Keeping a sense of normalcy and continuing to instill good habits are important during this confusing time, especially for the little ones!

Get your child exited about the great outdoors with a fun gardening lesson! Teach them about all the essential things it takes to successfully have a garden that flourishes! Take it a step farther and explain how this relates to them taking good care of themselves, so that they can grow and flourish too! Explain that the soil gives nutrients to the seeds that you plant the same way that DNA Miracles Chewable Multivitamin provides key vitamins and minerals that support their growth and development! *

Caring of yourself during this time is crucial, so take the time to teach your child with fun lessons like this! Share with them and let them learn and understand the importance of creating good habits, such as taking their multivitamins daily. Plant the seeds in their little minds today, and watch them bloom tomorrow!

Click Here if you need a little help getting started on your garden!




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Ali Carswell

Ali Carswell


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