Halloween Skincare

It’s Halloween weekend! That means fun costumes and heavy makeup. No matter what time you are getting home from your spooky activities, you need to remove your makeup and continue with your skincare regimen. Here are some makeup removal tips to help nourish and revive your skin after a long night.

Makeup Removal Tips

  1. Be gentle. When it comes to removing makeup, it is important to be as gentle as possible to not irritate the skin; especially when removing eye makeup. Apply a micellar cleanser, or your favorite makeup remover, onto a cotton pad and wipe off the makeup. 
  2. Facial cleanser over makeup wipes, always. I know makeup wipes make removing makeup fast and easy, but it does not fully cleanse your skin. Also, it is more irritating to the skin. If you have more sensitive skin, opt out of the makeup wipes. 
  3. Make sure to get it all. We tend to neglect some areas of our face, especially when we cannot wait to get to bed. Be sure to cleanse your eyelashes, the edges of your eyelid, hairline, behind your jaw, and your neck. 
  4. Follow up with your skincare regimen. Wiping the makeup off your face isn’t enough. You need to soothe your skin after double cleansing skin. Keep it simple since your skin is sensitive to heavy makeup and makeup removal. After the cleansing, tone, and…
  5. Don’t forget to moisturize. Removing makeup can dry out the skin. Grab your eye balm, lip balm, and your favorite moisturizer. A great product to use is Lumiere de Vie’s Overnight Renewal Masque.

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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