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Happy Birthday, Loren Ridinger!

We wanted to take some time to wish our Senior Executive Vice President and Founder of Motives Cosmetics, Loren Ridinger, a very Happy Birthday! To celebrate Loren’s birthday, our team gathered some clips that highlight Loren as a person, entrepreneur, and most importantly, an inspiration! Check them out below.

Welcome to Market America’s 2018 International Convention

Traditionally, Loren always opens up our World Conference and International Convention. Loren sets the tone for the educational and informational next couple of days and encourages the crowd to grow as UnFranchise® Owners!

Are You With Us? | MAWC2018

One of the more memorable moments from MAWC2018 was Loren and Marc Ashley’s passionate speech about the illegal sale of Market America products on third party auction sites. You could feel their commitment to the cause behind every word they said. It was an inspiration to see and hear about their fight against corruption!

Elle Taiwan Interview

Recently, Loren graced the cover of Elle Taiwan. Here was a sneak peak behind the scenes look at Loren’s cover shoot.

Comfort Zone Is Your Enemy

One of Loren’s trademarks is her ability to inspire the masses. Loren always provides the audience with a jolt of confidence eagerness to better one’s life. Check out her story about the dangers of comfort zones.

These are just a few of Loren’s highlights over the years. There are too many to count! However, without Loren, our company would still be struggling to get off the ground. Thank you Loren for all that you do. Happy Birthday!

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