Call To Action: Using The Official Hashtags Of Market America

With millions of posts on social media every day, it’s important to try and stand out from the crowd. On our team, in order to get our messages across, we try to include relevant and appropriate hashtags with each post.

Hashtags make it easier to group and track posts in their respective categories. A hashtag allows easy, informal conversation between social media users, and across networks and platforms, connecting those that are having the same conversation.

As UnFranchise® Owners, you should be using hashtags in all of your post. Depending on the type of post will determine what hashtags to use. If it’s a general post about the company, #MarketAmerica or #UnFranchise are good choices. If it’s about a specific brand or product, #MotivesCosmetics or #Isotonix would suffice.

Check out a list of hashtags that you can use in your next post.


  • #MarketAmerica
  • #UnFranchise
  • #ShoppingAnnuity
  • #ShoponSHOP

Market America Exclusive Brands/University Majors #Isotonix

  • #MotivesCosmetics
  • #Dnamiracles
  • #Lumieredevie
  • #TLSweightloss
  • #nutrametrix
  • #lumieredeviehommes


  • #GoSHOPLocal
  • #ThaliaXmotives
  • #MAIC
  • #MAWC
  • #mochatonix
  • #paidtoshop
  • #PureCollagen
  • #onlineshopping
  • #TrimTea
  • #shopbuddy

There are more hashtags that you can use especially if it’s a product. These are just some examples that you can implement into your daily posts. The important part revolves around remembering to use these tags next time you post. It will only help your posts stand out and the hashtags will make it easier for our team to find your posts. If it’s a great post, you may even be featured on one of our social media pages.

What is your favorite hashtag? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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