Health & Entrepreneurship for UFOs

How health and entrepreneurship relate has to do with your nutrition, physical activity, and quality of sleep. Learn some points about how each of these factors can increase or decrease your productivity levels and in turn your entrepreneurial success!


Your brain is directly reliant on your diet. These five nutrients will certainly help your productivity levels. Being nutritionally balanced maintains your neurological activity, enforces your physical endurance, which in turn increases work performance of any kind.

For this reason, we recommend you eat healthily and include supplements in your diet to ensure you are always intaking proper nutrients!

nutritional health & entrepreneurship

Physical Activity

Having eaten the best stuff for your body, it now needs to turn those nutrients into energy! Regular exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function in terms of speed and control at which the brain processes information.

That is why, if you haven’t already, we recommend you participate in our TLS Tone Up Challenge! Having external accountability will help you maintain your body in good shape to turn that good food into good energy!

exercise health & entrepreneurship

Quality of Sleep

Getting good sleep can impact your focus and ability to accomplish tasks, as well. Lack of sleep has been shown to cause a loss in the quantity as well as the quality of work done. If you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, we suggest taking Prime™ Sleep to help you. Otherwise, we recommend incorporating some better sleep habits into your routine.

sleep health & entrepreneurship

& More

Your stress levels and support network also have an impact on your health & entrepreneurship. Minimize stress and establish a healthy support network so as to be more motivated and productive throughout the day. Read more Tips for Staying Mentally & Emotionally Healthy!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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