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Health + Nutrition Recap: Our Hottest MAWC 2018 Products

Each and every year, we look forward to gathering the global Market Family together under one roof in Miami. It’s such a powerful way to start the new year. At MAWC 2018, we were excited to spend our time together to not only celebrate the success of our newest health + nutrition products but we were able to teach you more about each of them and how you could use them as powerful tools to build your business!


Just the Essentials

During the 2017 Market America International Convention, we introduced your newest Isotonix Essentials: Women’s Health, Anti-Aging, Turn Up, + Turn Down. Since then, you’ve flooded social media with your amazing images that show just how essential these latest additions are!  While we loved seeing them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we loved hearing your testimonials at the booth even more. Many of you even jumped in to be a part of the #IsoEssentials Giveaway where 6 were chosen to win a free box of their favorite Essentials!





All-Star Attitude

Back on-stage, Scottie Pippen brought Prime Joint Support Formula into the spotlight on the MAWC stage with a powerful message about believing in yourself + becoming the champion you were meant to be! Of course, this doesn’t come easy. After a long career and 17 surgeries, Scottie knows that taking care of your joints with the best supplements on the market is key to enjoying a long, active life! The Prime Joint Support Booth had its own show with visitors competing to sink their 5 shots first for some bright green Prime swag to take home.




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TLS Weight Loss


Shakin’ It Up

TLS Weight Loss tried something new this year by offering samples of their most popular shakes out on the concourse! With the 2017 introduction of the Plant-Based Protein Shake, we wanted to give customers a side-by-side taste of their healthy options on-the-go at MAWC 2018.  Needless to say, the booth drew a massive crowd! We even got the chance to talk shakes with some of you as you approached us with your deliciously creative recipes + TLS questions.





Trim Tea Takeover

As most of you remember, Trim Tea took over Market America + TLS Weight Loss after it’s 2017 Fall release. We sold out numerous times (often in just hours), broke the SHOP.COM servers, and even had the first ever product pre-order! Since then, the testimonials have been rolling in and it became very clear that Trim Tea was popular around the globe by the time MAWC rolled around. From an on-stage takeover with a massive 6-foot Trim Tea box to Trim Tea Menu Plans disappearing as fast as we could put them out, we think it’s obvious who the star of the show was this year.





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All in all, we wouldn’t change a thing about the 2018 Market America World Conference. We hope you had just as much fun as we did + we’re already looking forward to our next convention in August!

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn