Healthcare Providers are Looking for Integrative Healthcare From YOU

nutraMetrix® Custom Health Solutions wants to help you deliver more success stories for your connections in healthcare. Imagine this: a 43-year-old female patient comes to a practitioner for common complaints. She has no pep in her step, everything just feels overwhelming, and she put her keys in the refrigerator twice last week. Her primary care provider ran some bloodwork, but everything looks normal. Her gynecologist said it is just her age. And, her hairdresser swears she needs that new herb she saw on the morning talk show.

But she comes to your nutraMetrix health provider for something different. A plan that is more definitive. She comes to a nutraMetrix provider because she has access to Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis.


With this tool, providers can look at 48 genes and multiple areas of health impacted to find patients’ predispositions to suboptimal health, find the mechanism of action, and print out a customized, comprehensive report just for them complete with nutrient, lifestyle, exercise, and supplement recommendations.


This is the most empowered the patient has felt in years! She is raving about the health provider and the practice wherever she goes and has already sent three referrals!


Join this webinar on Monday, April 27th at 10am to learn more about Gene SNP. Be sure to also check out our other upcoming live trainings for UFOs looking to build with nutraMetrix:  We have multiple sessions scheduled each week to help you learn to leverage nutraMetrix in your UnFranchise business. Many of these sessions are free of charge and can be shared with your guests and potential nutraMetrix contacts as well.

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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