Healthy Holiday-Eating Strategies from TLS® Weight Loss

For many of us, the holiday season is synonymous with vacation. However, going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forego your weight loss efforts! Read on for a few easy tips from TLS® Weight Loss to help you stay on track in the coming weeks!

While on vacation…

Pack your workout gear. Be sure not to forget tennis shoes, and workout clothes.

Be active. Walk for sightseeing, have a snowball fight. There are many ways to get lots of exercise while on vacation that are also a lot of fun!

Pack your own snacks. Bring extra so in case of delays, you won’t be forced to eat whatever is available. Don’t let the delays/boredom give you an excuse to eat unhealthy snacks.

Find a nearby grocery store. This will allow you to get fresh fruit and veggies to snack on rather than unhealthy treats.

While dining out…

Don’t treat eating out as a special occasion. When most people eat out they tend to overeat. Instead, you should eat as if it is a normal meal (eat slowly, stopping when full, don’t stuff yourself).

Resist the urge to splurge and order a high-calorie meal.

Ask for a doggie bag. Don’t feel the need to clean your plate. Ask for a to-go box. You will save calories and money because you will have lunch the next day!

Customize the menu. Going out to eat is not cheap so do not feel bad about asking your server to prepare the entree to your liking. For instance, order grilled chicken instead of fried. Ask for your dressing on the side if you order a salad. Ask for veggies instead of fries as your side.

Ask for a half-sized portion.

Split an entree with a friend or family member.

Order an appetizer as your entrée.

While at a holiday party or feast…

Drink lots of water! The body often confuses thirst for hunger. Drinking water will help you feel fuller faster.

Enjoy your food but indulge in moderation. You are on vacation, allow yourself to sample foods but do not feast on them.

Alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

Limit creamy or sugary drinks. For instance, an 8 oz. pina colada can have 450 calories. Make smart choices, and use mixers such as soda water that are calorie-free.

This holiday season, we encourage you to be fair to yourself and set realistic results. Don’t ruin your vacation by spending hours on the treadmill. Finding fun ways to incorporate exercise will allow you to enjoy your vacation but also maintain your health and fitness goals.

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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