Here’s Your Chance to Win an ICON 2023 Ticket

I couldn’t be prouder of the hard work and commitment I see every day from UnFranchise Owners around the world who value and embrace this business and the legacy JR has blessed us with to achieve our dreams. Everything you do to grow your business and realize your full potential matters to me, and I want to ensure we are doing everything possible to help facilitate your success. The best way for me and the Corporate Team to assess our impact on your continued growth is to get your invaluable feedback.

Please complete this survey by Wednesday, May 31, at 11:59 p.m. EDT to let us know what you find most beneficial and what can be expanded upon to enhance our next iconic event. And because I love you and care about your business, I’m excited to add that your submitted survey will automatically enter you for a chance to win a ticket to Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM ICON 2023! That’s right; three (3) winners will be randomly selected from all respondents to attend this amazing event.

As we prepare for ICON 2023, our commitment to you and your success has never been stronger. We want to create an event that provides the most relevant and impactful content for your UnFranchise Business. Taking just five minutes to complete this survey will significantly shape what we plan for you.

Complete the Survey

We want this event to be a transformative experience for you and your loved ones, business partners and prospects. We eagerly anticipate celebrating the growth and entrepreneurial success of everyone at ICON 2023 this Aug. 24–27!

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with me. Let’s make ICON 2023 an extraordinary event that propels us toward even greater achievements. I love you all and look forward to seeing you there!

Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder

Loren Ridinger, Co-Founder


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