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Hidden Gems

This year, we are highlighting tools and resources on UnFranchise that you may have forgotten about. The tools that we focus on will range from tools such as the Learning Center to Sidekick. Each of these tools are easily ready-to-use technology that will make your experience on UnFranchise so much easier. Continue reading to learn more about our first feature, Sidekick.

Sidekick was first introduced at MAIC 2019 by Chris Peddycord, Vice President of Business Integrations.

Quick Recap:

Did you forget about your personal assistant?  Fuel your Shopping Annuity with Sidekick.

Sidekick can save you time and money, and Money Saved is Money Earned.  Purchasing exclusive products and OneCart products on, Sidekick is at your service with your Cart, MyList, and Autoship to improve your shopping experience.



Let’s say that you are looking to purchase supplements for your family.  As you add in your favorite products, Sidekick shows you how many times a product has been purchased so that you can easily choose the products you already love!


First, you decide to add Isotonix OPC Beauty Blend to your cart; but also need a few additional items products that the company does not have an exclusive product for.  As you add in products; Sidekick displays your products separated by the vendor so that you can see each store’s shipping threshold.  This makes it easier to choose products at great prices with higher IBV while keeping shipping costs down.  Your cart will also display overall BV, IBV, and savings so you can see exactly how much you are saving as well as contributing to your Shopping Annuity.   Best of all, you can add or delete products and view these features from desktop or mobile.


So, don’t forget about your UnFranchise Shopping Assistant and reacquaint yourself with Sidekick today!

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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