Holiday Gift List 2013: Shopping for Couples

It can be difficult to find a gift that pleases both parties when shopping for a couple.  You want to get your parents, neighbors or your favorite aunt and uncle the perfect gift but you know that Uncle George won’t appreciate a pair of high heels like Aunt Sue would! Giving the couple on your list something that they can use or do together is sure to be a hit in the gift category! Read on for our top picks for the couple on your list that everyone is sure to love!

Monogrammed Towel Set
A personalized gift has the perfect added touch! A set of beautifully monogrammed towels will make a great gift for the couple on your list this year! This customized gift is thoughtful, useful and something that can be enjoyed by both! You’ll love visiting your friends or family and seeing your beautiful gift displayed in the kitchen or bathroom! Personalized gifts in general are a great idea when shopping for couples! For some other customizable gift ideas check out;, Personal Creations and Red Envelope.

Bar Set
Another classic gift is a bar set. Give the couple on your list a nice bottle of their favorite liquor and a bar set that caters to their style.  Choose from margarita, martini, mojito sets and more! These gifts also can be personalized with initials or monograms if that is the style that you are looking for. This gift will be great for the couple to share together!

Canvas Portrait
A lovely gift idea is a portrait of your couple! This gift is very versatile and works for any couple’s style.  Whether they have kids, pets or fun hobbies, capture a stand-out photo of the couple and they will cherish the gift forever! Canvas style photos look great hung on the wall or personalized frames with the perfect photo inside are prefect for an end table or bookshelf. Spend some time choosing the perfect style to match the home of the couple! Some great partner stores that can help with this gift are: Shutterfly, MailPix, and!

Vacation Destination
One of the most cherished gifts you could give someone is the chance to make memories and share laughs.  Give your favorite couple a weekend getaway to a paradise destination.  Whether that location is tropical or mountainous, they are sure to love their time away.  This is the perfect gift for your parents or even your children and their spouse! Allow them to get away from work, the kids and all responsibilities as they escape with a gift they will never forget! Check out the SHOP.COM Daily Deals page for tons of vacation packages and offers!

Wii Gaming System
A Nintendo Wii gaming system is the perfect gaming system for couples and is appealing to all ages, styles and genders! This interactive system is perfect for the couple on your list! They will love challenging each other to a heated match of virtual tennis or bowling, inviting all of their friends over to play or breaking out this gift at the next family gathering for a little friendly competition!

Looking for something else?  Check out our trend, For Him & Her, for some other great ideas and inspiration!

Have you already found the perfect gift for the couple on your list? Comment below with your find and add to our top picks! Or you can tweet us your gift picks using the hashtag #shopcomholidays! Stay tuned for next week’s post on last minute shopping!

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Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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