Honoring Market America’s Corporate Veterans

Veteran’s Day is a very special day for America as we honor the brave men and women who served in our Armed Forces. There are no words to express the deep gratitude that we have for the many men and women that have risked their own lives to preserve our freedoms. At Market America, we are proud of each of our corporate employees but we are exceptionally proud to employ many US veterans. It is an honor to work alongside people each of them on a daily basis. Though it could never be enough, each year we host a Veteran’s Day luncheon as a small thank you to corporate employees who have served our country. We encourage each of you to thank veterans whenever you see them, not only on Veteran’s Day but every day of the year. Read on to help us honor and celebrate our own veterans right here at the corporate office in Greensboro.

Thank you to each of our corporate employees that have served in the United States Military!

Employee:                    Branch of Service:

Brian Stook                                      Navy

Bryan Haglund                               Army

Charles Bazemore                          Coast Guard

Charles Webb                                  Navy

Christopher Charles                       Army

Christopher Diggs                          Navy

Clement Erhardt                            Army

Dallas Midgette                              Army

Donald McMillan                          Marines

Douglas Chanco                             Army

Earl Green                                      Air Force

Gary Phillips                                  Air Force

Gerald Washburn                         Navy

James Arseneault                         Navy

James Grogan                               Navy

Joel Dunlap                                  Army

John Fortin                                  National Guard

Kevin Doss                                  Air Force/Air National Guard

Phillip Kerr

Raynor Garey                             Air National Guard

Robert Boudreau                       Marines

Ronnie Adkins                           Army

Scott Van Norman                     Navy

Suzanne Hatheway                   Navy

Timothy Boehm                         Navy

Timothy Marshall                     Army National Guard

Tyler Simon                              Army


Check out these photos from our Veteran’s Day luncheon honoring our corporate employees that served:

Are you a veteran? Share with us in the comments which branch of service you were in. 

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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